• Grup Heracles



One of the essential features of the strategy implemented by Grup Heracles is the recognition of social and environmental responsibility in the sites where the Group conducts its business. Above and beyond achieving the economic goals that guide Grup Heracles is the awareness of a duty to create a lasting, beneficial impact on the society that we operate in. This leads the Group to implement a series of actions and policies consistent with this strategic vision.

For this reason, the organisation is in permanent dialogue with the various stakeholders of all kinds, both in the economic and social spheres, and with different socio-economic organisations and movements of all kinds with a view to detecting needs that need to be satisfied and deciding actions and measures that Grup Heracles has the capacity to implement.

In this respect, Grup Heracles is committed to excellence in fulfilling the goals of quality, environmental sustainability and the health and safety of the people who form part of the group. As a result, the Group is practically a pioneer in Andorra as regards the verification of suitable processes for achieving these goals.


In accordance with the its strategic Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Grup Heracles regularly implements social outreach programmes such as: cooperation with Càritas Andorra to manage the collection of clothes; contributions to non-profit organisations devoted to assisting the most disadvantaged; and teaming up with other associations that provide services and support in the field of social welfare. Nor should we forget the Group’s sponsorship of sporting activities, both through support for clubs and by taking part in events of all kinds and at all levels with a view to achieving goals that reflect the Grup Heracles values.